Brace yourselves, for the phenomenon that took the nation by storm;


My favorite videogame of all time is League of Legends. It is a massively played online multiplayer real time roleplaying game, where two teams must fight each other to the death in order to destroy the other's base. By clicking the link, you too can sign up and play with me!

League of Legends

Here are some examples of playable characters :


This character is called Yasuo, a very tricky character used by majority of players.


This character is probably the most hated character in the game due to the nature of the playstyle and the tendancy of players who use it to sabotage their own team. I love this one though.


This is an example of a mage character, also widely used. Relatively easy to use, and is open of versatile plays.


This is an example of a support character, which is meant to aid the team while fighting.

If any interested, feel free to see this beginners tutorial to become a contender and play! Add me if you'd like as well, My in game ID is SHADAPASA