Refatul Islam

Data Collection Overview

This was an overall data collection of the walking I did this year. Compared to the typical years, this year I can say I definitely walked lesser amounts due to the ongoing pandemic. My daily steps went down nearly 85% during the severe lockdown period where I did not come outside of the house until further notice or if I absolutely had to. The data shows my patterns of walking from the beginning to the present which is reflective of the life events which caused a shift in my walking habits. This has had a slight impact on my health, as walking was a substantial part of my exercise routine.

The biggest influencer of my data was the ongoing pandemic. The overview of the averages for the data clearly reflected this variable. I walked on average 16 thousand steps per day, and that number plunged down to averaging 6000 steps a day in 2020. This shift was unseen and I did not expect that the walking conditions would be so prone to being risky, as walking in many places can be seen as unnecessary. The data I collected may be a bit skewed as I did a little bit of walking which isn't reflected in the counter which was done at the house. Since I was home, during those times I did not carry my phone with me which would've been counting the number of steps.

Where I walked the most

This map highlights the majority of locations that I have traveled to for the past year. The map is only a portion of the places of where I walked to, but most of the time this was the confinements of where I walked to. The map shows a point in Jamaica, which can be considered the central point from which I walked to all directions every time to about 2-3 miles in each direction. This was done when I had the privelige to walk again, which was before and after the New York lockdown. The orange on the map shows the spots which I could not walk to or through, because they are the highways. Besides the orange and blue areas of the map, I basically had walked everywhere fromm 58th Ave to 112th Ave.

Steps Taken Each Month

This line graph shows my walking data and the amount of steps that I took from January through December. While analyzing my own data I noticed that the amount of steps I took started decreasing from March,1,400 steps in March. I also realized that my data began to rise after August which was when the lockdown ended in NY and peaked at 6,700 which was the semester started. Right after September my data then began to decrease. During the semester my average steps taken ranged from 2,000 - 3,000 steps. My average was low because I spend the majority of my time in my house.

Miles Walked Each Month

This bar graph shows the total amount of miles that I walked in January through December. As you can observe, between the 12 months there was an decrease in miles walked from March to MAy, When the lockdown began and decreased by alot which reached 0.62 miles.The most amount of miles walked was in January which was 3.3 miles. Also this amount of miles I walk is fairly low because I focus almost too much on school and home.

How coronavirus affected my walking

This bar graph shows the how coronavirus affected throughout the years. This graph show miles,steps,speed The 2018 shown can be a bit more higher because this is time where i seriouly started walking .16,700 steps in 2018 While analyzing my data the first thing that I noticed was that this year it dropped too much. I didnt realized that was a big drop. This year really hard year because that is the lowest amount of septs 6,030 steps compared to the previous years which is low.